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A small selection of our references:
Merck KGaA
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma Co KG
Helmholtz Centre Munich
Hannover Medical School
Hospital of the University of Munich
Dräger TGM GmbH
University of Erlangen Clinic
German Heart Center Berlin
University Hospital Münster
Heart Center Munich
Heidelberg University Hospital
Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics GmbH
University Hospital Mainz
Amgen Research GmbH
We would also be happy to provide you with addresses from users in your area so that you can view our anesthesia machines on site.

Dear Mr. Groppler,

We bought one of your anesthesia machines last year and are very satisfied with the handling. I have a question about the filters that are connected to the scavenger. According to the product description, these must be replaced after a running time of 12 hours or a 50g weight gain. Since we will be working a lot with the device in the future, I would like to know whether there are larger filters with a longer service life or what alternative we have in order not to change the filter every two days. Thank you for your information!

> As an alternative, there are also larger filters that are more cost-effective with 4 times the capacity

> are. You can find these on the PRODUCTS> SUCTIONS> FILTERS page

Dear Mr. Groppler,

We are currently working in our laboratory with your RAC system in connection with the Uni-Vet Porta and are very satisfied with the system.
In the context of further experiments, I would have the question of whether you also have an attachment for the RAC system in your range that is suitable for the anesthesia of larger test animals such as hamsters and guinea pigs. We are currently carrying out corresponding tests in ip anesthesia, but would also aim for use in the other test animals due to the good results with mouse anesthesia.

Dear Mr. Groppler,

.... the devices are running smoothly with us and other users will soon arrange for them to be procured from you.

After you had subsequently throttled the exhaust air line with us, I would like to have about 10 screw terminals (red) with you

refer to install additional devices accordingly.

Dear Mr. Groppler,

we work very effectively with the anesthesia machine and are very satisfied….

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