Activated carbon filter and suction

Controlled anesthesia

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Occupational safety and


Scavenger LAS Pro
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New model 2021

+ Display of the suction power

+ larger bath width of suction power

+ smaller dimensions

LASPro Laboratory Anesthesia Scavenger

Comfort suction module for laboratory anesthesia for operation after an induction chamber or a mask anesthetic system for rodents. This scavenger is equipped with an integrated scale. As soon as the set maximum weight of the filter is reached, you will be made aware of this on the monitor. This prevents accidental work with filters that have already been used and ensures relief and better occupational safety in everyday laboratory work. The suction power is adjustable and designed so high that induction chambers can be quickly freed of anesthetic gases or several workplaces can be operated with one device. The filters available for this device have a capacity of 200g. The performance is infinitely variable. Incl. Hose material and adapter, L / W / H 220/220 / 150mm.

  • UV 17014

  • integrated scale

  • Alarm when filter change is due

  • Adjustable output

  • high performance also for 2-3 workplaces

  • Weight 3.5 kg, 220 V,

  • Dimensions: L / W / H 220/220/200 mm

Required for operation:

UV 17012-1XL

Activated carbon filter

R546PRO 2021 GROPPLER.jpg

Installation example with chamber and RAC-Pro set.

  • High performance to empty chambers faster.

  • several workplaces can be served.

  • For large filters with a capacity of 200g.

  • Alarm device reports necessary filter change.

  • Quiet and efficient.

  • New from model series 2021

  • Larger bath width of the suction power available.

  • In particular, very low suction capacities are now also possible so that the anesthetic that has been supplied is not suctioned off unused and in the mask circuit, stable anesthesia is possible with very low flow rates and consumption.

  • Exact display of the suction capacity in l / min.

  • Smaller dimensions.

Activated carbon filter for anesthetic gases
  • UV 17012-1XL

  • Active carbon filter, inlet cone 22mm

  • Shelf life at 1l / min. Flow 30-35 hours

  • Capacity 200g

  • L / d 200 / 130mm.

  • UV 17012-1

  • Active carbon filter, inlet cone 22mm

  • Shelf life at 1l / min. Flow 8-12 hours

  • Capacity 50g

  • L / d 150 / 80mm.

6 pack

UV 17012-6XL

8 pack

UV 17012-8